Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Push

I alluded, in my last post, to being in a multiple-workouts-a-day mode.  This is in part to the cycling groupon C and I purchased for this month.  Next week is our last week of the groupon, and I am bound and determined to get our money’s worth! We definitely have – if you’re local to […]

Hashtag Married Life

Some of you who have followed me on Twitter for some time now may have seen me use the #marriedlife hashtag. To explain, it actually started off as a joke between my husband and our nephew. I can’t remember the context specifically, but I must have been asking C to do something he didn’t want […]

Displaced motivation

Ask most women why they are working out (be it running, aerobics, biking, swimming, Crossfit, what have you), and they will probably tell you it is because they are trying to lose weight. I would be lying if I didn’t say that stems some of my motivation. My primary “eye on the prize” is being […]

Running terrified me

Pretty much since college, I have been working out with some regularity.  I went through phases when I would be more active, and then my workout schedule would wax and wane.  I finally got myself into a set routine where I was doing fitness DVDs for about 20-30 minutes each morning before work, about a […]