Hashtag Married Life

Some of you who have followed me on Twitter for some time now may have seen me use the #marriedlife hashtag. To explain, it actually started off as a joke between my husband and our nephew. I can’t remember the context specifically, but I must have been asking C to do something he didn’t want to do, or taking a bite of food off of his plate without asking, or something. C looked at his nephew and said, “See, D, THIS is what married life is REALLY like.” He said it with a smile, and we all laughed.

D, who is in his early 20s and, at the time, was single, thought this was just about the funniest thing he had ever heard. It got to be a punchline or punctuation after any sort of negotiation C and I had in his presence. D would shout, “Married life!” I then started using the hashtag on Twitter, which he thought was hilarious.

D now has a girlfriend he is pretty serious about, and while out one night with C’s family, she did something similar to how I would interact with C – I think she grabbed his phone to take photos of the two of them, to post on his Instagram – and I looked at Danny, smiled, and said, “Married life!” He laughed and smiled, as did his new girlfriend (who I’m sure he filled in on the joke later.)

Anyway, you’re wondering, what does #marriedlife have to do with fitness? Well, until recently, not much at all. C is very active, and was a former high school and college athlete (which, actually, helped him pay for college, something for which he’s particularly grateful). He enjoys playing in intramural and pickup leagues, though he hasn’t played in a league in some time. He enjoys cycling, though when it is nice outside he feels bad taking the bike out when he can instead take the dog for a walk in the woods. We both love to hike, but we didn’t make much time for it this summer like we had originally planned.

C had a membership to Planet Fitness which he would use once or twice a week in the nasty weather, and less in the nice weather. He was using it less and less in the winter as from November to March, the Albany Municipal Golf Course opens as a large walking park where dogs can run off leash. My mother and I would get up early on weekend mornings to walk the 18 hilly holes, and C would try to take him a couple times during the week. Knowing that C was using Planet Fitness less and less, and was really only keeping the membership to ride the exercise bike once in a while, for Christmas my mother got him an exercise bike to keep in her basement. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the mechanics, and though it has a warranty, Pro Form has been simply monstrous to deal with. It is now mid-August and we still do not have a working bike.  As a result, C had not been as active in recent months, and he was starting to feel sluggish and frustrated, as I know he missed working out.

In the meantime, I’ve been running and going to Zumba classes, with a few hot yoga classes smattered here and there. C hates running, and even if he liked it there’s no way our paces would match (he’s 6’1″, I’m 5’2″), and he definitely is not interested in Zumba. 🙂 (In good faith, I DID ask him, but he looked at me in sheer horror at the idea.) He had not-so-subtly hinted to me that he was seeing less and less of me as I spent more and more of my free time training and/or cross-training. #marriedlife indeed. But, he was right, and I missed him, too. I wanted to find a way to incorporate him into my ramped up active lifestyle.

Therefore, when I saw a Groupon deal for Total Ryder in Motion, I jumped on it and bought a month unlimited for each of us. I had never tried spin classes before, though I had heard they were pretty intense and great cross-training for runners. Knowing C would also enjoy this, I thought this was something we could do together.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been striving to get our money’s worth out of our groupons and going 2-3 times per week. C’s already feeling better and more fit. At first, I wasn’t sure these classes were for me at all, but after my second session, once I got a handle on how to use these bikes (they’re not traditional spin bikes, not that I really know how those work, either), I really began to enjoy the classes myself. The best part? It’s something we can do together. I have a new hashtag now – #fitdates. 🙂

We’ve talked, and with the amount of money I’ve been spending on ad-hoc fitness classes in the past year, I found we could instead pay for a couple membership at the Ciccotti Center. They have spin classes, bikes, and a pool. They also have lots of Zumba classes, in addition to other group fitness, including kickboxing, something I haven’t done in years and I absolutely love. (Want a good way to blow off some steam? Cardio kickboxing is the best one I’ve found, ever.) Plus, right outside its doors is the Crossings of Colonie which is an absolutely lovely place to go for a run. So, even if C doesn’t want to come for a run or to Zumba class, we can go together and he can go for a swim or ride the bike while I work out elsewhere. Somewhat of a fragmented #fitdate, but I think it still works. 🙂



  1. We used to go to the gym together but husband won’t pay for a membership anymore. I’m trying to talk him into it, but whenever I suggest it he just ramps up his running and pushups to prove he doesn’t need a gym. Running together goes badly for us, but we’ve been having more luck biking together and I’m trying to figure out a way to do more of it.

    1. Like I mentioned, we had grand plans of doing more hiking together this summer, because it was the first summer he wouldn’t be traveling for a big portion of it. Even though our summer wasn’t terribly busy, we never really got out of our own ways to do this. September is a busy month, and October he may be out of town for a good portion of the month (still TBD), so another season passed us by. 😦 However, if there is a decent amount of snow this year, we’ll go snowshoeing at our favorite local trail, which is always a nice time. (Finnegan loves chasing snowballs.)

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