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Last week, I posted about how I had decided to take a (mini) break from running, and not run the Stockade-athon like I had originally planned.  Since making that decision, I immediately felt better about running in general.  I am still not terribly psyched about running alone, but between my SUNY loop with some folks […]

Cross Training

I decided, finally, that I am not going to run the Stockade-athon this year.  It’s a decision I didn’t come to lightly, as part of me really did (and still does) want to run it, but I have just not been that motivated to run much lately.  I know this is in part due to […]

It’s Been a While.

… and, for that, I am sorry. After completing my first half marathon on Sunday, I learned something that I kind of knew before but didn’t understand until now: Distance training is a major time suck. Now, I was only training for a half.  At that distance, I average somewhere around a 10min/mile pace.  I […]