Cross Training

I decided, finally, that I am not going to run the Stockade-athon this year.  It’s a decision I didn’t come to lightly, as part of me really did (and still does) want to run it, but I have just not been that motivated to run much lately.  I know this is in part due to the waning daylight hours, which makes it harder to squeeze it in, but I’ve also been really enjoying a lot of my cross-training.  If I had already registered, I wouldn’t drop out and I know I could get ready to run it over the next few weeks, but I think if I were to run it I would be phoning it in, and I don’t want to do that, particularly since I haven’t spent the money to register yet.  So, I’ve decided instead to shelve it until next year, and work on my speed and middle distances next year.  We’ll see about a fall half next year, though I am leaning toward no, and instead may wait until 2015 for another half marathon.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I have no intentions of sitting idle.  Part of the reason it has been difficult to motivate myself to run is because I’ve been doing a LOT of cross training lately.  C and I recently joined the Ciccotti Center.  The pricing structure isn’t on their website, but the model is very similar to the YMCA or the Jewish Community Center.  Something I really like about all of these clubs locally is that none of them charge an additional fee for group exercise classes, as I know some do in other regions.  I priced out the options, looked at the dates/times of group exercise classes I was interested in, and decided the Ciccotti Center meet my needs best.

For C and I, it is $86/month – $56 for the first adult in the household, $30 for additional adults.  We signed up when they were running a deal, so there was no registration fee, and there are no contracts, so if we ever did want to cancel, there is no penalty.  Everything about it made sense for us.

Earlier in the year, before I started running more frequently and cross training as much as I do, I put us on a “wallet diet” to get our finances under control.  We did, for the most part, until I started going to Zumba more than once a week.  And registering for races.  And then going to Hot Yoga when I hurt my foot.  When C indicated he missed me, because I was always out on some fitness pursuit or another (usually running), I signed us up for spin classes.

It was getting out of hand.  I realized if I went to one spin class, one Zumba class, and one Hot Yoga class a week (on average), I would be shelling out over $100 a month for just me.  The Ciccotti Center has spin.  And Zumba.  And Yoga.  And (for C) a lap pool.

This was an easy decision on paper, though in practice it was difficult.  Though I hadn’t grown attached to a particular yoga instructor, I had grown attached to one particular Zumba instructor (I still have a punch card for her classes that I haven’t used up yet), and C and I both really liked one spin instructor in particular.  But in addition to those, I also have access to some other total body workout classes, and I’ve even started incorporating water aerobics.  (And, before you ask, yes, most days I am the youngest person there. But it’s fun! And a good workout!)  C has been going a couple times a week to spin and to swim.  I recently signed up for an 8 week Tabata session on Wednesday nights, which is free to members.  Of course, this is much to C’s dismay, as he goes to spin at the same time on Wednesdays and I think was hoping that I would join him.  I, however, have found I really enjoy the 6:30am spin class on Tuesday mornings, but C doesn’t do early mornings. 🙂  I guess we’ll have to find another class to take together.


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