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Alarmist Buzzkill

I know I touched on this in my last post, but I am happy to say that running is starting to feel fun again. Granted, I haven’t run more than 4 miles (Hell, more than 3.5 miles) since the Squirrelly Six Miler (and, to say I phoned it in for this race would be an […]


Last week, I posted about how I had decided to take a (mini) break from running, and not run the Stockade-athon like I had originally planned.  Since making that decision, I immediately felt better about running in general.  I am still not terribly psyched about running alone, but between my SUNY loop with some folks […]

Cross Training

I decided, finally, that I am not going to run the Stockade-athon this year.  It’s a decision I didn’t come to lightly, as part of me really did (and still does) want to run it, but I have just not been that motivated to run much lately.  I know this is in part due to […]

It’s Been a While.

… and, for that, I am sorry. After completing my first half marathon on Sunday, I learned something that I kind of knew before but didn’t understand until now: Distance training is a major time suck. Now, I was only training for a half.  At that distance, I average somewhere around a 10min/mile pace.  I […]

The Push

I alluded, in my last post, to being in a multiple-workouts-a-day mode.  This is in part to the cycling groupon C and I purchased for this month.  Next week is our last week of the groupon, and I am bound and determined to get our money’s worth! We definitely have – if you’re local to […]

Hashtag Married Life

Some of you who have followed me on Twitter for some time now may have seen me use the #marriedlife hashtag. To explain, it actually started off as a joke between my husband and our nephew. I can’t remember the context specifically, but I must have been asking C to do something he didn’t want […]

Displaced motivation

Ask most women why they are working out (be it running, aerobics, biking, swimming, Crossfit, what have you), and they will probably tell you it is because they are trying to lose weight. I would be lying if I didn’t say that stems some of my motivation. My primary “eye on the prize” is being […]